Changing the way
Tech Startups are born

We are the next generation of Company Builders. We create, invest and develop tech startups that are solving the most challenging industrial problems.

We are a company builder

Our Open Innovation Process, in collaboration with large companies, help us develop new ideas and fundamentals for the creations of new tech startups.


We create and develop high performing Tech-Startups to disrupt the status-quo in different industries.


We have developed the World's best Open Innovation Process to create and develop tech-startups around big companies' needs.

I love the Disruptive Angels' process, I think is innovative, extremely effective and disruptive indeed.

Máximo Vedoya - CEO Ternium

I'm extremely impressed with the innovation process and excited with its results.

Raúl Gutierrez Muguerza - CEO DeAcero

These guys are bringing a whole new perspective to the way big companies innovate, to the way startups are being created, and to the startup - enterprise business relations.

Eduardo Garza T Junco - CEO FRISA

Disruptive Angels is the fastest way to push big Industrial companies into the new industrial revolution, a.k.a. Industry 4.0

Reynold González - CEO Centro de Vinculación Tecnológica CAINTRA

I loved what I saw. This innovation/startup-creation model has what it takes to make global impact.

Eduardo Coronado - CEO Coflex

Here's where the magic happens

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San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México.


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