Agile Innovation Process

The World's best Open Innovation Process

Our innovation process has helped many companies save millions, gain a competitive advantage and thrive through innovation. Our beneficiaries include Fortune 500, Mexico's top 30, and other multinational organizations.

We have delivered different prototypes, concepts and alpha versions of a solution to 100% of the challenges that have been through our Innovation Process.

Big Company's Pains


We are certain that every single industry can be disrupted. It excites us to solve large companies problems using state of the art technology, no matter how big or how small the problems might appear.

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Problem finding
& documentation


Once we have determined the general source of the big company's needs, We start a Problem Finding process to identify the source of the issue to be solved. We document these needs as detailed as we can so we can now start our open innovation process.

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Open Innovation


Statistically there is more talent and knowledge outside an organization than inside. According to the company's needs, we gather a group of 30 innovators to start a process of Open Innovation/Rapid Prototyping/ Transdisciplinary collaboration, to solve the company's needs.

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Startups are born


Once the Innovation Process ends with different prototypes to solve the particular problems, we start a process to create a startup that will provide these solutions to the big company. Startups are being born beyond product-market-fit.

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Once the startup has been created, there is a process of crafting the product, detailing financial needs and implementing the product so the original problem has been completely solved by the startup.

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We love to work with awesome companies

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